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This property lists the Gender of a character. This is an Enumeration.

Possible values:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Unknown

Pages using the property "Gender"

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Lars Alexandersson +Male  +
Amachi +Male  +
Gensui Amagiri +Male  +
Taisa Amagiri +Male  +
Amai +Male  +
Amaru +Female  +
Amayo +Female  +
Ame (student) +Male  +
Ami +Female  +
Mujini Anano +Male  +
Anbu Commander +Male  +
Bird-Masked Anbu Member +Male  +
Boar-Masked Anbu Member +Male  +
Cat-Masked Anbu Member +Male  +
Aniki +Male  +
First Animal Path (character) +Male  +
Second Animal Path (character) +Female  +
Ao +Male  +
Aoi (game) +Female  +
Arashi +Male  +
Armadiko +Male  +
Sandayū Asama +Male  +
Asura +Male  +
Asura Path (character) +Male  +
Atsui +Male  +
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