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This property lists the media of a manga debut. This is a String.

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A +Chapter  +
Abiru +Chapter  +
Absorption Soul Technique +Chapter  +
Zaku Abumi +Chapter  +
Muta Aburame +Chapter  +
Shibi Aburame +Chapter  +
Shikuro Aburame +Chapter  +
Shino Aburame +Chapter  +
Acid Scattering +Chapter  +
Adamantine Prison Wall +Chapter  +
Agari +Chapter  +
Ageha +Chapter  +
Ahiko +Chapter  +
Air Sand Protective Wall +Chapter  +
Manabu Akado +Chapter  +
Yoroi Akadō +Chapter  +
Akamaru +Chapter  +
Iwana Akame +Chapter  +
Akane +Chapter  +
Akatsuchi +Chapter  +
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