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This property lists the media of a manga debut. This is a String.

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Asura Path (character) +Chapter  +
Atsui +Chapter  +
Attack of the Twin Demons +Chapter  +
Ayame +Databook  +
Shibito Azuma +Chapter  +
A–B Combo +Chapter  +


Baiu +Chapter  +
Baki +Chapter  +
Baku +Chapter  +
Baku (Anbu) +Chapter  +
Bakuto +Chapter  +
Bansai +Chapter  +
Banshō Ten'in +Chapter  +
Barrier Method Formation +Chapter  +
Barrier Tag +Chapter  +
Barrier Talisman: Armoured Eye +Chapter  +
Barrier: Canopy Method Formation +Chapter  +
Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison +Chapter  +
Bashōsen +Chapter  +
Bashōsen: Coil of Fire +Chapter  +
Bashōsen: Coil of Wind +Chapter  +
Beast Human Clone +Chapter  +
Bekkō +Chapter  +
Benihisago +Chapter  +
Big Ball Rasengan +Chapter  +
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