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Benisu Island +Minor  +


Land of Ancestors +Minor  +
Land of Bean Jam +Minor  +
Land of Bears +Minor  +
Land of Birds +Minor  +
Land of Claws +Minor  +
Land of Demons +Minor  +
Land of Earth +Major  +
Land of Fangs +Minor  +
Land of Fire +Major  +
Land of Forests +Minor  +
Land of Honey +Minor  +
Land of Hot Water +Minor  +
Land of Iron +Major  +
Land of Keys +Minor  +
Land of Lightning +Major  +
Land of Mountains +Minor  +
Land of Neck +Minor  +
Land of Noodles +Minor  +
Land of Rivers +Minor  +
Land of Sand +Minor  +
Land of Silence +Minor  +
Land of Snow +Major  +
Land of Sound +Major  +
Land of Stone +Minor  +
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