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This property lists special classifications of a character such as titles like Sannin. This is of type String.

Pages using the property "Classification"

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Baraki +Missing-nin  +
Beekeeper +Missing-nin  +
Bisuke +Summon  +
Jūzō Biwa +Missing-nin  +
Blue B +Jinchūriki  +, Pseudo-Jinchūriki  +, Sensor Type  +
Bull +Summon  +
Bunpuku +Jinchūriki  +
C +Medical-nin  +, Sensor Type  +
Chichiatsu +Daimyō  +
Chikara +Daimyō  +
Chino +Missing-nin  +
Chiriku +Ninja monk  +
Chiyo +Medical-nin  +
Chiyomatsu +Samurai  +
Chōmei +Tailed Beast  +
Chōseki +Missing-nin  +
Chūkichi +Sensor Type  +
Conch King +Summon  +
Cursed Warrior +Samurai  +
Claw Daimyō +Daimyō  +
Earth Daimyō +Daimyō  +
Fang Daimyō +Daimyō  +
Fire Daimyō +Daimyō  +
Frost Daimyō +Daimyō  +
Hot Water Daimyō +Daimyō  +

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