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This property tags an image with a character. This is a Page.

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8 Trigrams Lion Fist.png +Hinata Hyūga  +
8 tails.PNG +Naruto Uzumaki  +, Kurama  +


A Cry on Deaf Ears.png +Naruto Uzumaki  +, Sasuke Uchiha  +
A Fierce Battle of Rolling Thunder!.png +Aoi Rokushō  +, Sasuke Uchiha  +
A Jōmae Village flak jacket.png +Hanare  +
A Legend from the Hidden Leaf The Onbaa!.png +Naruto Uzumaki  +, Onbaa  +
A Limitless Supply of Ninja Tools.png +Ruiga  +
A Meeting With Destiny.png +Neji Hyūga  +, Tenten  +, Rock Lee  +,
A Message from the Heart.png +Naruto Uzumaki  +, Iruka Umino  +
A Shinobi of the Leaf.png +Yamato  +, Kakashi Hatake  +
A Young Danzo.png +Danzō Shimura  +
A and B brothers.png +A (Fourth Raikage)  +, Killer B  +
A and B.png +A (Fourth Raikage)  +, Killer B  +
A and Tsunade appear.png +A (Fourth Raikage)  +, Tsunade  +,   +,
A and Tsunade.png +A (Fourth Raikage)  +, Tsunade  +
A attacks Minato.png +A (Fourth Raikage)  +, Minato Namikaze  +
A dodges Amaterasu.png +A (Fourth Raikage)  +
A epilogue.PNG +A (Fourth Raikage)  +
A new clash.png +Naruto Uzumaki  +, Sasuke Uchiha  +
A vs Eight-Tails.png +Gyūki  +, A (Third Raikage)  +
A's Iron Claw.png +A (Fourth Raikage)  +, Killer B  +
A.PNG +A (Fourth Raikage)  +
ANBU interrogating Yota.png +Yota  +
Abiru new.png +Abiru  +
Absolute Inscription.png +Mifune  +, Sasuke Uchiha  +
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