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(捕食者!!, Hoshokusha!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Sakura's Decision!! (#6)
Previous "The Password is…?!"
Chapter Naruto #47
Next "That Goal is…!!"
Arc Chūnin Exam Arc
Anime Naruto #28
None in this Chapter
Slithering Snake ModeSoft Physique Modification
None in this Chapter
"Predator!!" (捕食者!!, Hoshokusha!!) is chapter 47 of the original Naruto manga.


Still separated from Team 7, Naruto is attacked and swallowed by a giant snake. To escape, he creates a number of shadow clones, bursting the snake from the inside. Meanwhile his teammates are taunted by the enemy ninja who has the scroll that Team 7 needs to pass the second phase of the Chūnin Exam. He consumes the scroll, forcing Sasuke and Sakura fight him if they want it. Sensing how dangerous the ninja is, the two try to flee but are easily followed. As the ninja and his snake allies begin to attack, Naruto appears and draws the ninja's attention.

Facts about "Predator!!"RDF feed
ArcChūnin Exam Arc +
Chapter number47 +
English namePredator!! +
Kanji name捕食者!! +
MaintenanceMissing image +
MangaNaruto +
NamesPredator!! +, 捕食者!! + and Hoshokusha!! +
Romaji nameHoshokusha!! +
Volume number6 +

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