Power to Believe

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"Power to Believe"
Power to Believe
(信じる力, Shinjiru Chikara)
Episode data
Previous "Assault on the Leaf Village!"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #158 (Watch Online)
Next "Pain vs. Kakashi"
Arc Invasion of Pain Arc
Manga Naruto Chapter #420, Naruto Chapter #421, Naruto Chapter #422
Japanese April 29, 2010
English January 7, 2013
King of Hell
Naraka Path
None in this Episode
None in this Episode
"Power to Believe" (信じる力, Shinjiru Chikara) is episode 158 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Power to Believe (信じる力, Shinjiru Chikara) is episode 158 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


As the Six Paths of Pain and Konan try to determine Naruto's location, Danzō tells Homura and Koharu of Pain's arrival. They confront Tsunade on the matter, trying to make her change her mind about Naruto. She becomes furious at them and tells them that they lack the power to believe, unlike Hiruzen and Chiyo. With Tsunade telling the two elders to believe in Naruto's strength and the next generation, Homura and Koharu eventually left the room. Shizune arrives and informs Tsunade of Pain's chakra receivers. Tsunade makes her way to the roof of the Hokage Residence. Meanwhile, Kōsuke, the messenger toad, prepares to return to Mount Myōboku to inform Fukasaku about Pain's invasion, but is killed by Danzō, the latter claiming that the Nine-Tailed Fox was no longer a problem. Tsunade summons Katsuyu and tells it to attach itself to the villagers. The Deva Path tries to attack Iruka, but he is saved by Kakashi, who confronts the Deva Path by himself.

Facts about "Power to Believe"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcInvasion of Pain Arc +
English airdate7 January 2013 +
English namePower to Believe +
Episode number158 +
Japanese airdate29 April 2010 +
Kanji name信じる力 +
MangaNaruto +
Manga Chapter420 +, 421 + and 422 +
NamePower to Believe +
NamesPower to Believe +, 信じる力 + and Shinjiru Chikara +
PicturePower to Believe +
Romaji nameShinjiru Chikara +

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