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Orochimaru's True Form

Orochimaru's true form.

The Power of the White Snake (白蛇の力, Shirohebi no Chikara)[1] is a general term for Orochimaru's ability to heal any injuries and to turn into a giant white snake. This enables him to utilise Living Corpse Reincarnation on a victim when the time is right. The Power of the White Snake is conferred by the White Snake Sage of Ryūchi Cave, by biting a person and injecting them with its natural energy. Those who survive are deemed worthy of being taught Sage Mode.[2] Aside from increased regeneration, Orochimaru can also reconnect his body with snakes should it be bisected,[3] or if the injuries are too severe to heal, he can shed his skin to regurgitate a new body, free from all damage.[4]

When he absorbed Orochimaru, Sasuke Uchiha temporarily acquired much of the White Snake's ability to heal faster than normal,[5] as well as shedding his skin to escape the Amaterasu, though the latter feat took a toll on Sasuke's chakra reserves.[6] Kabuto also obtained the ability by transfusing his master's genetic material into himself prior to Orochimaru's revival.[7] Kabuto later travelled to Ryūchi Cave and studied under the White Snake Sage to attain Sage Mode, which Orochimaru had been unable to do.[8]


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