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editPochi browse_icon.png
(ポチ, Pochi)

  • Shooting Star (シューティング・スター, Shūtingu Sutā)
Manga Chapter #20
Anime Naruto Episode #11
Appears in Anime and Manga
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Dog

Pochi (ポチ, Pochi, English TV: Pooch) was a dog that Inari owned some time in the past.


Inari thought of Pochi as his only friend. He was stolen by Akane, who renamed him "Shooting Star" (シューティング・スター, Shūtingu Sutā). Akane eventually decided he didn't want Pochi and threw him into the ocean. Even though dogs are usually able to swim right away, Pochi started to drown. Inari wanted to save Pochi but couldn't find the courage, so Akane pushed him in. When Inari began to drown too, Pochi found out how to dog paddle and walked off, having no loyalty to Inari.

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