Playing Without Rook and Bishop

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"Playing Without Rook and Bishop"
Chapter 207
(飛車角落ち, Hishakakuochi, Viz: Deadlocked)
Chapter Info
Volume Trouble…!! (#23)
Previous "Trouble…!!"
Chapter Naruto #207
Next "The First Move was a Fake-Out!!"
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Anime Naruto #122
"Playing Without Rook and Bishop" (飛車角落ち, Hishakakuochi, Viz: Deadlocked) is chapter 207 of the original Naruto manga.


The Doki produce spiritual effigies that can pursue Shikamaru beyond their physical range and through physical matter, all in accordance with the music played by Tayuya. Shikamaru falls back and formulates a plan. He starts focusing his attacks on Tayuya, the Doki's controller. Tayuya surrounds herself with the Doki to act as shields against the attacks and retaliate towards the attacks' source. Shikamaru then reveals himself, so Tayuya groups the Doki together and has them attack. Having figured out what every finger arrangement on Tayuya's Demonic Flute causes the Doki to do, Shikamaru knows what to expect, allowing him to capture the Doki with his shadow.

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