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Pino and Amélie (ピノとアメリ, Pino to Ameri), performed by Huwie Ishizaki (石崎ひゅーい, Ishizaki Huwie), is the thirty-eighth ending of the Naruto: Shippūden anime. It began on episode 467 and ended on episode 479. It was replaced by Departure Song.



Boku ni wa wakaru nda uso o tsuite iru kimi ga
Naite ī yo koko ni zutto irukara

Sekaijū ni koborete iru
Hontō no ai no kimochi
Sagashidashite miushinatte
Yoake ga kuru no matteru

Migi no hoshi ni wa boku no namae o tsukete
Kimi ga yonde okureyo
Hidari no hoshi ni wa kimi no namae ga ne
Niau yo zutto soba ni irukara



世界中に零れている 本当の愛の気持ち
探し出して見失って 夜明けが来るの待ってる

似合うよ ずっとそばにいるから


I can tell when you’re lying.
It’s okay to cry, cause I’m always right here.

While waiting for daybreak to come, we search, and lose sight of,
The genuine feelings of love that spill out along the way.

I’ll name that star on the right after myself;
Please call it by its new name.
Cause your name would be perfect for that star on the left-
Then we’d always be standing side by side.


The characters in order of appearance:

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