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Peddlers Escort Team
Peddlers Escort Team
Peddlers Escort Team (行商人護衛チーム, Gyōshō Jin Goei Chīmu)
Anime Naruto Episode #187
Appears in Anime
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The Peddlers Escort Team (行商人護衛チーム, Gyōshō Jin Goei Chīmu)[1] was a genin team, assigned to escort a group of merchants from the Land of Vegetables.


The team was made-up of Chōji, Hinata and Naruto. When one of the merchants, Kikunojō, was killed, the genin realise that their true objective was to protect Haruna — the daimyō successor of the Land of Vegetables, from the Janin, who took over the land with the aid of disloyal and greedy courtiers. In the end, the three missing-nin were stopped, with two of them dying. After the mission, Naruto was offered the position of daimyō's advisor, but he declined it due to his desire to save Sasuke.


  1. Naruto: One Decade, One Hundred Ninja, page 173

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