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  • The seal.
  • The markings on Mukade's body.
Kanji 孔雀明王
Rōmaji Kujaku Myōō
Movie Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Lost Tower
Appears in Movie
Classification Ninjutsu
Hand seals Horse → Monkey or Hare → Ram

After forming neccessary hand seals and reciting an incantation, by using this technique, Mukade absorbs the seal placed by the Fourth Hokage, thus he is able to time travel. The people caught in the blast are also sent through time.

Specifically, Mukade travelled back by twenty years, six years before the seal was placed, though Naruto Uzumaki and Yamato arrived six years later.


  • This technique is not truly named when Mukade used it, but instead when he chanted the incantation. From the second line of his incantation, the kanji for "Peacock Wisdom Queen" came up, thus establishing the name.
  • In Buddhism, the Wisdom King is the king of knowledge. Its female counterpart is the Wisdom Queen, and one in particular is known as the "Peacock Wisdom Queen", who rides a peacock.