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|romaji=Kami Shuriken
|romaji=Kami Shuriken
|literal english=Paper Shuriken
|literal english=Paper Shuriken
|parent jutsu=Paper Person of God Technique
|jutsu rank=D
|jutsu rank=D
|jutsu classification=Ninjutsu
|jutsu classification=Ninjutsu

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Paper Shuriken [1]
Paper Shuriken
Kanji 紙手裏剣
Rōmaji Kami Shuriken
Literal English Paper Shuriken
Manga Chapter #373
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #128
Game Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3
Appears in Anime, Manga and Game
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank D-rank
Class Offensive
Range Mid to Long range
Derived jutsu
Paper Chakram

A technique that consists of pouring one's chakra into a scrap of paper in a split second, hardening and sharpening it, so it can be used as a shuriken. Its sharpness is equal to that of a shuriken made of metal. The user can further increase the power of the shuriken by making it into certain shapes. Konan is seen using them combined with Nagato's Wind Release: Gale Palm, speeding up the shuriken and enabling them to pierce the body further.

Konan can fold the paper shuriken into different shapes, including the normal four-pointed star shape[2] and a more kunai-like shape.[3] In the manga, the latter shape does not spin like a shuriken. In the anime, the shuriken spin regardless of shape.


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