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#REDIRECT [[Paper Person of God Technique]]
|image=Paper person.png;The technique depicted in the manga.
Paper Person of God Technique.png;The technique depicted in the anime.
|unnamed jutsu=Yes
|parent jutsu=Paper Person of God Technique
|jutsu classification=Ninjutsu
|jutsu class type=Offensive
|jutsu range=Short, Mid, Long
|debut manga=509
|debut anime=252
|debut shippuden=Yes
|jutsu media=Anime, Manga
This is reputed to be Konan's ultimate technique, where, using an innumerable amount of small sheets of paper, she causes the lake in [[Amegakure]] to be split in half, resulting in the rapid creation of a huge abyss beneath the target. Due to the sudden lack of any available foothold, the target inevitably descends ever-deeper into the depths of the chasm. In order to enhance the attack's lethality and limit potential forms of retaliation, Konan mixes in six hundred billion of prepared [[explosive tags]] with her normal paper, which is enough for ten minutes of non-stop explosions; this was done in specific to counter [[Obito Uchiha]]'s [[Kamui|five minutes limited intangibility]]. These explosive tags can also be directed towards the target as they fall.<ref name="Ch510">''Naruto'' chapter 510, pages 1-4</ref>
== See Also ==
* [[Mutually Multiplicating Explosive Tags]]
== References ==
[[es:Jutsu: Persona de Papel de Dios]]

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