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[[es:Torre de Pain]]

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Amegakure from sky

Pain sitting on his tower.

This is the tallest tower in Amegakure and was also Pain's base of operations. It has four humanoid faces at each side and is connected to two smaller towers.[1] The tongue of the face that Pain sat on, looking out over the city has Rinnegan-like eye patterns and is depicted with a pipe and has piercings, with its tongue stuck out. Somewhere inside is a chamber hidden behind a solid wall where the Six Paths of Pain's bodies are stored when not in use. At the base of the tower, members of Pain's forces deliver bodies. Its height allows Nagato to transmit chakra signals to the Paths regardless of their position in the city.


  • During the Hidan and Kakuzu Arc, the tower is depicted with a kimono.[2] Later on however, it was illustrated without it.


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