Orochimaru vs. Jinchūriki

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"Orochimaru vs. Jinchūriki"
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Orochimaru VS Jinchūriki (大蛇丸VS人柱力, Orochimaru tai Jinchūriki)
Episode data
Previous "The Top-Secret Mission Begins!"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #42 (Watch Online)
Next "Sakura's Tears"
Arc Sasuke and Sai Arc
Manga Chapter #294, Chapter #295
Japanese January 10, 2008
English July 7, 2010
None in this Episode
Formation of Ten Thousand SnakesGathering of the SnakesSummoning: Triple RashōmonTailed Beast Ball
None in this Episode
"Orochimaru vs. Jinchūriki" (大蛇丸VS人柱力, Orochimaru tai Jinchūriki) is episode 42 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Orochimaru VS Jinchuuriki (大蛇丸VS人柱力, Orochimaru tai Jinchūriki) is episode 42 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Naruto, in his four-tailed form, attacks Orochimaru, and devastates the surrounding landscape, also preventing Sai and Yamato's wood clone from approaching him. The majority of Orochimaru's attacks prove to be ineffective against Naruto, but he still manages to keep up with Naruto with his regeneration technique. Meanwhile, Kabuto advances towards Sakura and Yamato, deducing that Sasori has died. Orochimaru finally manages to strike Naruto with his Sword of Kusanagi, even though he fails to pierce the sword through him. Seeing Naruto in his four-tailed state, Sakura is awestruck and terrified.

Facts about "Orochimaru vs. Jinchūriki"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcSasuke and Sai Arc +
English airdate7 July 2010 +
English nameOrochimaru VS Jinchūriki +
Episode number42 +
Japanese airdate10 January 2008 +
Kanji name大蛇丸VS人柱力 +
Manga Chapter294 + and 295 +
NameOrochimaru vs. Jinchūriki +
NamesOrochimaru vs. Jinchūriki +, Orochimaru VS Jinchūriki +, 大蛇丸VS人柱力 + and Orochimaru tai Jinchūriki +
PictureFile:Four-Tailed Strong Ball.jpg +
Romaji nameOrochimaru tai Jinchūriki +

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