Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service

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edit"Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service"
The Leaf Moving Service
(開業!!木ノ葉引越センター, Kaigyō!! Konoha Hikkoshi Sentā)
Episode data
Previous "Laughing Shino"
Episode Naruto #187
Next "The Mystery of the Targeted Merchants"
Arc Peddlers Escort Mission
Japanese May 31, 2006
English August 9, 2008
"Open for Business! The Leaf Moving Service" (開業!!木ノ葉引越センター, Kaigyō!! Konoha Hikkoshi Sentā) is episode 187 of the original Naruto anime.

Synopsis Edit

Naruto, Chōji, and Hinata are sent to help some peddlers move out of the Land of Vegetables. Because of a package from Tsunade, the peddlers mistake them for "The Konoha Moving Service". Unbeknownst to them, a group called the Janin, have taken control of the land and are looking for one of the peddlers.

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