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[[File:Madara's Laboratory.png|thumb|right|Obito's laboratory.]]
#REDIRECT[[Mountains' Graveyard#Laboratory]]
Obito's laboratory is located within the [[Mountains' Graveyard]] headquarters of the [[Akatsuki]]. It was first seen when [[Obito]] [[Kamui|teleported]] himself, and [[Danzō Shimura]]'s corpse there in an attempt to retrieve [[Shisui Uchiha]]'s eye only to discover that the elder had crushed it before his death — an action which Obito cursed him for. This was also where Obito transplanted [[Itachi Uchiha]]'s eyes into [[Sasuke]].
[[File:Stored Sharingan.png|thumb|left|Several of Obito's stored Sharingan.]]
A massive wall decorated with the [[Uchiha clan]] symbol on top of it, stores a large collection of eyes, which are each individually suspended in fluid inside built-in labelled glass containers. The laboratory is also equipped with an operating table for surgical use.

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