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This is the article on the missing-nin from the Land of Hot Water. For the Senju, head to Nawaki.
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ノワキ Nowaki

  • Fūshin (風心, Fūshin)
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #484
Novel Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise
Appears in Anime, Novel
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Kekkei Genkai
  • Leader of the Lightning Group
  • Kusabi Real Estate (Anime only)
Nature Type

Nowaki (ノワキ, Nowaki) is a missing-nin from the Land of Hot Water.


Nowaki was originally from the Land of Hot Water and was left as an orphan after his family was killed by the Dark Thunder Group. Soon after, when nothing had been done to bring his family's murderers to justice, Nowaki grew impatient and angry, provoking him to leave his village and become a missing-nin. At some point, he met Chino and the two began travelling together. They went on to develop a close relationship due to their mutual goal of getting revenge on the villages and people they felt had wronged them.

In the anime, Fūshin was originally from the Land of Water. He was shunned and treated cruelly after he was responsible for summoning a typhoon on the island. He was then sold to a rich man named Kusabi, who treated him poorly despite his obedience. Fūshin was then chosen as a competitor and was pitted against Chino. He, however, was defeated and he now belonged to Oyashiro as a result. He and Chino went on to develop a close relationship when they conversed about those who have the kekkei genkai being "special".

One day, they both found historical documents about the Chinoike clan. Fūshin suggested them go to the Valley of Hell and look for them. They gathered people who wanted to escape Oyashiro and fled from the mansion. They came in defence of the Bamboo Village one day, and came to be known as the Lightning Group after fighting for the sake of poor villages. Kirigakure began to employ them, until they decided to get rid of them. The group sought asylum at the villages they had helped, where they were denied, out of fear Kirigakure would retaliate against them. After two members of their group died and Karyū left, they both finally reached the Valley of Hell. However, upon arriving the valley, Chino despaired as nothing there triggered any memory of her past. They were attacked by Kirigakure shinobi, and in the fight, Chino causes one of them to explode with her Ketsuryūgan as Fūshin witnessed in shock. With that, he heard her deciding to avenge her clan.


Nowaki first appears as a polite and shy individual, but he actually harbours deep hatred towards those of higher authority. He presents an innocent and childlike façade to gather information on his intended victims and, once he lets loose this persona, he becomes violent and eager to challenge his opponents. When he first meets Sasuke Uchiha, Nowaki treats him with respect, but once Sasuke detects deception from him, Nowaki shows how he already despises Sasuke for interfering with his and Chino's plans when he was once a criminal himself. The only person Nowaki truly cares about is Chino, whom he looks up to as an older sister.


Nowaki is a talented shinobi, having proven so by excelling in the Coliseum. He is also skilled enough to briefly hold his own against Sasuke Uchiha.

Nature Transformation

Nowaki possessed the Typhoon Release kekkei genkai – a powerful variation of Wind Release. With it, he could easily conjure powerful winds to mow down or otherwise limit his enemy's field of vision. With effort he could also use a much stronger variation of the technique, having shown to not only dwarf Sasuke's Complete Body — Susanoo, but also rival it. The storms Nawaki can create using his kekkei genkai are severe enough to cover an entire island.


Nowaki was particularly skilled in shurikenjutsu. With prowess in chakra flow, Nowaki is able to channel his Typhoon Release-chakra through his weapons to greatly increase their lethality. Not only does this enhance their sharpness and range, but also, upon impact, turns them into powerful explosives. To aide in his technique, Nowaki made use of a number of uniquely designed Chakra Blades.

Blank Period

Sasuke Shinden: Book of Sunrise

Nowaki and Chino are staying at a bamboo village in the Land of Hot Water when Sasuke arrives to gather information on the disappearance of Konohagakure, Kumogakure, and Kirigakure shinobi. After preventing the villagers from attacking Sasuke in a misunderstanding, Nowaki and Chino tell him about the Dark Thunder Group and all the recent attacks the group was responsible for. They take Sasuke to another nearby village to gather information on the group when it attacks the bamboo village. Nowaki doesn't participate in the fighting that ensues.

When Sasuke leaves to meet with Orochimaru, Nowaki and Chino also leave. He finds them at an isolated island with some of the missing Kumo and Kiri shinobi. When they cut themselves, Sasuke detects unusual chakra from their blood. Realising Sasuke is suspicious of them, Nowaki attacks him first by using wind style and create a typhoon with water. Sasuke summons Aoda to escape from the typhoon and uses Lightning Release to electrocute Nowaki, which injures him. With Nowaki defeated, Chino steps in, uses her Ketsuryūgan to distract him, and they flee.

They take refuge in the Valley of Hell, but are found by Sasuke soon afterwards. Nowaki doesn't take part in the battle between Sasuke and Chino due to his injuries. Ultimately, Chino and Nowaki are swayed by Sasuke's words of working for peace and having friends that saved him from darkness, and they surrender. After being dropped off at prison, Nowaki and Chino are offered to work for Kumogakure and Kirigakure in exchange for their freedom, which they agree to.

In the anime version, however, Nowaki reveals himself as Fūshin, using "Nowaki" as an alias and altering his appearance. To draw Sasuke into a confrontation, "Nowaki" goes to Karyū, who used to be in the same group, asking him to use the name Fūshin and pretend to attack Sasuke. Once Sasuke defeats this person and learns "Nowaki"'s true identity, he reveals his true appearance to Sasuke.


  • Nowaki literally means "fall gales".

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