Not Even Giving In To the Sudden Rain

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Not Even Giving In To the Sudden Rain (ニワカ雨ニモ負ケズ, Niwaka Ame ni mo Makezu), performed by NICO Touches the Walls, is the thirteenth opening of Naruto: Shippūden. It began in episode 307 and ended in episode 332. It was succeeded by Size of the Moon.



Jyū yoku gō wo seishimashite
Gō yoku jyū mo tatsu
Muchū de kakkō tsuketara
Hijyōberu ga naru

Gojyuppo ijyō mo saki aruite
Chototsuōshin na sutairu
Jiyū de kibunya no
Kimi ha dōyattatte mushi

Dare ni mo tokenai nazo ga aru
Fukidashita kaze ni furueteru
Kono meiro wo hodoite yaru

Kimi ga waratta ashita ha ame kai
Sōmei na hikari ga chikachika hikaru
Me wo korasanakucha mirai ga kawatte shimau
Mae ni kitto kitto ima wo saratte iku

Kimi to jyanakucha mirai ha kawaite shimau no kamo
Isoge kitto ima wo waratte iku


柔よく剛を制しまして 剛よく柔も断つ
夢中で格好つけたら 非常ベルが鳴る
五十歩以上も先歩いて 猪突猛進なスタイル
自由で気分屋の君は どうやったって無視

誰にも解けない謎がある 吹き出した風に震えてる

君が笑った 明日は雨かい?
聡明な光が チカチカヒカル
目を凝らさなくちゃ 未来が変わってしまう前に
きっと きっと今をさらっていく

君とじゃなくちゃ 未来は渇いてしまうのかも
急げ きっと今を笑っていく


The willow branch ties strong wood together
yet strong wood cuts the branch
If you are going through the motion
an alarm should go off

Getting too far ahead is really reckless
You are really emotional
you don't care how you get your fix

There's a puzzle that no one can solve
trembling in the blowing wind
Come on and unravel the labyrinth

You are laughing and having fun
but tomorrow will it rain?
The light of wisdom is flashing before your eyes
You better adjust your vision
before the future changes once more

And for certain you can
seize the moment for yourself

It's better if we are together
because the future might vanish
Hurry up and be sure to smile while we still can


The characters in order of appearance:


  • This is the third song by NICO Touches the Walls used in Naruto media, the first and second songs were "Broken Youth" and "Diver".
  • This is the first opening in the Naruto: Shippūden and overall Naruto series in which none of the Konoha 11 appear except Naruto.
  • There is an animation error during the scene where the Raikage attacks Madara's Susanoo. As he is attacking, A regains his left arm.
  • This opening features many symbols/images that can be linked to the Japanese festival of Tanabata such as Naruto carrying a branch of bamboo with wishes attached to them and the constant recurring of lights.
  • Naruto can be seen standing on a furry surface at the end, perhaps hinting the physical presence of Kurama.

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