Nokizaru Group

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Nokizaru Group

(軒猿衆, Nokizaru-shū, Literally meaning: Eave Monkey Group)

  • Wandering Phantoms of the Forest
  • Nokizaru Troupe
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #286
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The Nokizaru Group is a mercenary ninja organisation comprised of shinobi who are hired to hunt and assassinate other shinobi. They hold no allegiance to a country nor village and were proficient in the use of the Exploding Insect technique, and also showed skill in concealment such as through camouflage, hiding in shadows, water and even fire, and spying techniques such as linking themselves to bugs. All members of this group were depicted as wearing sashes that resembled the tails of monkeys. They also had painted faces and wore outfits that had stripes on one side, while the other was a solid colour.

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Appears inAnime +
Debut anime506 +
Kanji name軒猿衆 +
Literal nameEave Monkey Group +
Names軒猿衆 +, Nokizaru-shū +, Eave Monkey Group +, Wandering Phantoms of the Forest +, Nokizaru Troupe + and Nokizaru_Group +
PictureNokizaru +
Romaji nameNokizaru-shū +

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