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In addition to the main ninja ranks, ninja can have an additional ninja professions. These include:


Main article: ANBU The Anbu (暗部, English TV: Anbu Black Ops, Literally meaning: Dark Side), short for Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai (暗殺戦術特殊部隊, Literally meaning: Special Assassination and Tactical Squad), take orders directly from the Kage, performing special high-level missions, such as assassinations and torture. The Anbu usually work in teams formed to the requirements of the mission, ensuring maximum success. The shinobi in the Anbu are hand-picked by the Kage, chosen for their individual capabilities and special skills. Age, gender, background, or previous rank bear no weight in this decision. Members can be relieved from the Anbu by the Hokage and reassigned elsewhere, in Kakashi's case, he was reassigned by Hiruzen Sarutobi from the Anbu to the regular forces as a jōnin leader.[1] They wear their mask even in their own village, for their identity as an Anbu agent is to be known only by the Kage and village elders, with the exception of Konohagakure's "Root" Anbu members who, unless ordered to, will only act on Danzō Shimura's orders.

There are apparently no true ranks within the Anbu, unlike within the regular forces. In Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, Sai told Naruto that Root members have their own ranking system different from the usual ninja, after the latter was complaining that he had no parents that would recommend him of being jōnin. Team leadership and hierarchy seem to be based on merit and experience. The leaders of the teams are called squad leaders (分隊長, Buntaichō), a position held in high regard.


Main article: Cooking-nin Cooking-nin (料理忍者, Ryōri Ninja, English TV: Ninja Chef) are ninja who specialise in cooking. They only work in the Land of Lightning. They walk around in forests and paths outside villages, waiting for hungry ninja to walk past. When they find a hungry ninja team, they make all kinds of food for them. Hakkaku, the only named cooking-nin, makes such good food that ninja can't stop eating and become fat. This can take a massive toll on the ninja's abilities, and can destroy a mission completely.

Courier Ninja

Main article: Courier Ninja A courier ninja's job is similar to that of postmen in that they deliver mail. According to Courier Ninja 596-03, they are professionals who risk their lives to deliver goods to the customers.


Main article: Hunter-nin Hunter-nin Corps (追い忍部隊, Oinin Butai), also known as the Corpse Processing Team (死体処理班, Shitai Shori Han) is a special team within Kirigakure's Anbu, consisting of hunter-nin (追い忍, oinin, English TV: tracker ninja), which are given the specific duty of hunting down missing-nin. They completely erase the person they're searching for by means of their superior assassination techniques and medical skills.


Main article: Medical-nin Medical-nin (医療忍, Iryō-nin) are ninja who specialise in medical treatment and use of medical-oriented techniques to heal others. Becoming a medical-nin requires high intelligence and excellent chakra control.[2] A medical-nin is trained to avoid getting injured in any way, for the reason that if they are injured, then there would be nobody to heal the other members of their team. Medical-nin accompany other ninja on high ranking missions to increase the success rate of the mission and overall survival rate of the squad.


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