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|jutsu classification=Tailed Beast Skill, Ninjutsu, Clone Techniques
|jutsu classification=Tailed Beast Skill, Ninjutsu, Clone Techniques
|jutsu class type=Supplementary
|jutsu class type=Supplementary
|users=Menma, Kurama
|users=Menma (movie), Kurama
|debut shippuden=No
|debut shippuden=No
|movie debut=Naruto 6: Road to Ninja
|movie debut=Naruto 6: Road to Ninja

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Nine Masked Beasts
Kanji 九面獣
Rōmaji Kyūmenjū
Movie Naruto 6: Road to Ninja
Appears in Movie
Classification Tailed Beast Skill, Ninjutsu, Clone Techniques
Class Supplementary

Menma can bring to life nine different entities composed of Kurama's chakra. Menma refers to the beasts he created, the Nine Masked Beasts (九面獣, Kyūmenjū). Five of the creatures are described as divine beasts (神獣, shinjū), while the other four are referred to as divine priests (神官, shinkan).[1]

  • Seiryū (青龍), the Azure Dragon, is a dragon that resembles a seahorse.
  • Byakko (白虎), the White Tiger, is a lean and slender tiger.
  • Suzaku (朱雀), the Vermilion Bird, is a bird with elegant and dramatic plumage.
  • Genbu (玄武), the Black Tortoise, is a tortoise with a shell made of overlapping plates.
  • Kinja (金蛇), the Golden Snake, is a massive serpent with golden scales.
  • Tennyo (天女), the Celestial Maiden, is an angelic priestess with flowing robes.
  • Shinigami (死神), the Grim Reaper, is a priest that resembles a skeleton and carries a scythe.
  • Hokuto Sennin (北斗仙人), the Northern Sage, is a priest with a fox staff.
  • Nanto Sennin (南斗仙人), the Southern Sage, the matching counterpart of Hokuto Sennin.

When defeated, their true forms are revealed to simply be nine masked fox kits (子狐, kogitsune), each possessing a single tail, a result of the Nine-Tails chakra being divided into nine beings.

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  1. Naruto Stealth Volume: Road to Ninja (NARUTO―ナルト―巻ノ忍 ROAD TO NINJA, Naruto Maki no Shinobi: Road to Ninja) page 77

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