Nine-Tails vs. Naruto!!

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Nine-Tails vs. Naruto!!
(九尾VSナルト!!, Kyūbi Bāsasu Naruto!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Naruto's Birth
Previous Meeting the Nine-Tails Again!!
Chapter 497
Next Mum's Red Hair
Arc Confining the Jinchūriki Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #245, Naruto Shippūden #246
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
Nine-Tails vs. Naruto!! (九尾VSナルト!!, Kyūbi Bāsasu Naruto!!) is chapter 497 of the Naruto manga.


The Nine-Tails attacks Naruto with its Tailed Beast Ball, which B blocked using the last bit of the Eight-Tails' power he could manifest within Naruto. Naruto uses this as a distraction to enter Sage Mode and attacks the beast. After a combination of shadow clones and a Rasenshuriken attack on the fox, the Nine-Tails is left vulnerable and Naruto begins to pull out its chakra. The Nine-Tails' hatred begins to seep into the chakra, causing Naruto to become consumed by it. When Naruto is almost overwhelmed by the fox's hatred, Kushina Uzumaki appears.

Facts about Nine-Tails vs. Naruto!!RDF feed
ArcConfining the Jinchūriki Arc +
Chapter number497 +
English nameNine-Tails vs. Naruto!! +
Kanji name九尾VSナルト!! +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesNine-Tails vs. Naruto!! +, 九尾VSナルト!! + and Kyūbi Bāsasu Naruto!! +
Romaji nameKyūbi Bāsasu Naruto!! +
Volume number53 +

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