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Kyuubi Naruto Clone
九尾化したナルトのクローン Kyūbi kashita Naruto no Kurōn
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #292
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Artificial Human
Status Deceased

A monstrous clone of Naruto Uzumaki created by Kabuto Yakushi's specially-developed snakes with chakra from Kurama mixed into his being.


The clone first appears to seem very animalistic and violent much like Naruto when under the influence of his Version 2 Chakra Cloak. While not fully explored, the clone seems to possess a distinct interest in Naruto, instinctively siphoning Kurama's chakra for before going on a rampage and readily attempting to kill him when locating him some time later.


Naruto clone true form

The clone's true form.

The clone appears nearly identical to Naruto's Version 2 chakra cloak with the exception of having dark red eyes and mouth with a darker shade of body. Once he siphoned enough of Kurama's chakra, the clone temporarily transformed into a gigantic replica of Kurama itself, though smaller in size. After a battle with the original Naruto, the clone's chakra cloak had been stripped away with the being revealed to be a reptilian version of Naruto with darker skin and a single tail.

After absorbing the power of Ama no Hoko, the clone transforms into massive reptilian version of Kurama with his seven tails ending with dragon-like heads and giving the monster an Orochi appearance.


The clone possesses both impressive speed and strength, crossing the distance between himself and Sakura Haruno in an instant and then punching her a sizeable distance with a single blow, knocking her out. Likewise he was able to easily outstrip and overwhelm both Might Guy and Rock Lee in hand-to-hand combat, forcing master and student to counter by opening the Eight Gates. Even so the clone showed massive durability, being undamaged by their barrage of enhanced-attacks. However, the clone's durability wasn't enough to protect him from damage when the original was in Sage Mode, using Frog Kata to strip away his chakra cloak. Like the original Version 2 state, the Naruto clone could create incredibly powerful shock waves with simple roars. Unlike the original Version 2 state that Naruto entered, the clone is fully mobile even without the skeletal structure.

Kurama clone tailed beast ball

The Clone forming a Tailed Beast Ball.

After gaining more chakra from Kurama, the Naruto clone turns into a gigantic avatar of the fox. Though smaller in size compared to Kurama, the Naruto clone possess massive physical strength, enough to reduce large urban areas to rubble with a single swipe. He is also capable of using the Tailed Beast Ball. Oddly, unlike the original Kurama, the clone remains bipedal in motion. However after a short while, the clone's extra chakra reserves were exhausted and he regressed to his original state.

Part II

Chikara Arc

Miina freed Naruto from the snakes

Naruto vomiting the clone snakes.

Kabuto Yakushi implant by accident a swarm of his clone snakes into Naruto, with Kurama's attempt to purge the foreign entities only adding its chakra into the material they were recreating. When the snakes were 'ripe', they began paralysing Naruto while he was fighting Kabuto's reanimated shinobi. Miina, who somehow knew of their presence within Naruto's body prior to the attack, used her abilities to aid him in expelling the creatures.

Kyubi Naruto clone revived

The Naruto Clone manifested.

Once the snakes were vomited out, they formed a clone of Naruto in his Version 2 State. Kabuto attempted to take control of the creature, only to retreat when the clone proves to be too powerful to fall under his influence. The Naruto Clone then proceeded to knock out Sakura Haruno in one punch before viciously attacking his genetic parent as Kabuto attempted to control the clone from afar.

Kurama clone destroying hacho village

The Clone running amok.

By then, Kakashi Hatake, Team Guy, Team Kurenai, and Team Asuma arrive to aid Naruto and Sakura. The clone fights effectively Might Guy and Rock Lee, until both open several chakra gates and manage to repel yet unable to damage him. Despite Hinata Hyūga's interference, the clone grabs Naruto to siphon Kurama's chakra, enlarging into more Kurama-like form. In his new form, the clone runs amok, destroying great portions of the village and the mountains around by shooting a Tailed Beast Ball. After Kabuto abducts Naruto and Dokku when he was about to squash them, the Naruto clone reverts to his original size before being captured by one of Kabuto's snakes.

Seven-tailed Naruto clone

The Nine-Tailed Naruto Clone's Orochi-like form.

Kabuto again unleashes him during the activation of Ama no Hoko, but it was easily defeated by Naruto's Sage Mode. When the top floor of Ama no Hoko collapsed, the clone fell into the device and later emerged after absorbing the device's power, appearing as a giant, eight-headed, Orochi-like creature.

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