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Never Give Up, performed by "Jeremy A. Sweet" and "Ian C. Nickus" (full length: 1:46), is the English theme song of the movie Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow. It is sometimes called the "Lost" Naruto theme song because some have claimed to have found it hard to find, online or elsewhere. The English adaptation replaced the original Japanese song with this song due to licensing restrictions.


Force of nature never letting, never fall
Supersonic! It will charge! Descent for...
Here we go!

There's always somethin' stirrin' the path I lead
There's always someone that ticking and ticking inside of me

I...I...will never give up!
I...I...never give up!

Ever changing, and evolving, like free noon
From a fire blast a phoenix born into...
Here we go!

Jades of darkness trawling the path of hills
Remember your true friend, to come on and put your trust in me...

I...I...will never give up!
I...I...will never give up!
(will never give up, yeah!)
(In like a hurricane...)
(like like a hurricane...)
(left like a hurricane...)
(in like a hurricane...)
(lighting a hurricane)
(in like a hurricane...)
(lightning fight...)

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