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editNekomata Browse icon
猫又 Nekomata
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #189
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male
Species Bakeneko
  • Boss of the ninneko
Nature Type

Nekomata (猫又, Nekomata) is a giant cat and the boss of the ninneko underworld.

Background Edit

During Sasuke Uchiha's childhood, Itachi Uchiha made a game of collecting paw prints of quick, nimble cats from a normal cat to a lion and the last paw print to be collected was Nekomata's. Itachi once defeated Nekomata and his ninja cats and requested him to fight Sasuke with all his might when he got older.

Nekomata full

Nekomata confronts Sasuke.

Years later, Team 7 was assigned to get Nekomata's paw print and infiltrated his fortress. The team was split up during the infiltration. Sasuke was the first to find Nekomata, challenged him but Nekomata seemed to be too much for him until Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno arrived and saved him. Sasuke then told his two team-mates he didn't need to be saved and revealed dozens of kunai with explosive tags on the ceiling above Nekomata and detonated them, having the ceiling on top of him collapse. With Nekomata defeated, Sasuke collected the last paw print for the Paw Encyclopaedia.

Appearance Edit

Nekomata is a large white fork-tailed bakeneko with yellow eyes, long whiskers and claws, and several scars all over his body. The fur coming out of his ears is blue in colour.

Abilities Edit

Cat Genjutsu

Nekomata using Genjutsu.

As the leader of the ninneko, Nekomata is a highly capable ninja cat. He has displayed great strength and speed, able to smash through pillars without problems. He is also a capable genjutsu user.

Part II Edit

Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha Edit

Two years later, Nekomata visited Nekobaa to buy tools from her and sees a picture of Sasuke with his paw print, reminiscing of his battle with Sasuke.

Trivia Edit

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