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This is the article on chapter 78 of the manga. For volume 9, head to Neji and Hinata.
"Neji and Hinata"
Chapter 078
(ネジとヒナタ, Neji to Hinata)
Chapter Info
Volume Neji and Hinata (#9)
Previous "Naruto's Clever Scheme!!"
Chapter Naruto #78
Next "The Hyūga Clan"
Arc Chūnin Exams (Arc)
Anime Naruto #46
"Neji and Hinata" (ネジとヒナタ, Neji to Hinata) is chapter 78 of the original Naruto manga.


Kiba is carried away to recover. Before leaving, he pleads with Hinata to forfeit if she is matched against Gaara or Neji Hyūga. Hinata and Neji are paired together for the eighth preliminary match, and Hinata does not take Kiba's advice. Cousins, Neji and Hinata are members of separate houses of the Hyūga clan, which Neji resents. He ridicules Hinata for being weak and thus undeserving of her superior standing within their family and tells her to give up. He analyses her personality shortcomings and deems her a failure, which almost brings her to tears. Upset by Neji's words, Naruto encourages Hinata to defeat him.

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