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Size of the Moon (月の大きさ, Tsuki no Ōkisa), performed by Nogizaka46, is the fourteenth opening of Naruto: Shippūden. It began from episode 333 and ended with episode 356. It was succeeded by Guren.



Kon'ya no tsuki wa naze ka hitomawari ōkikute
Itsumo yori akaruku terasu
Senaka o marumete tobotobo kaeru michi
Don'na toki mo mikata wa iru

Nani mo iwazu naketara ī ne
Namida ga karetara owari
Motto boku ga tsuyoku naranakya…
Kanashimi wa jiritsu e no ippo

Nando kizutsukeba itami o wasureru?
Akai chi o nagaseba inochi o omoidasu-sa
Michi ni taore dainoji ni
Sora o miagete omou

Shin no kodoku to wa kako no nai mono
Ima shika shiranu mono


今夜の月は なぜか一回り大きくて

何も言わず 泣けたらいいね
もっと 僕が強くならなきゃ…

何度 傷つけば 痛みを忘れる?
赤い血を流せば 命を思い出すさ
道に倒れ 大の字に

真の孤独とは 過去のない者


The moon is bigger today for some reason,
Its light is also brighter.
Coming back home
You can meet your ally anytime.

And I'm crying silently
And when no tears left
Isn't it making me stronger…
Sadness is one more step to the independence

Should I forget the hurting pain?
Reminding, flowing red blood is Life.
And on this long path I'm falling,
Looking to the sky and thinking

True loneliness is a man without a past
And only now I find out, who I am.


The characters in order of appearance:


  • This is the second opening in the Naruto: Shippūden and overall Naruto series in which none of the Konoha 11 appear except Naruto. The first opening was Not Even Giving In To the Sudden Rain.
  • In the second version, Nonō is depicted with black and red colours instead of the original colours.
  • Strangely, Ōnoki's outfit is in the condition it was in before Madara's assault in one instance, but is damaged throughout the rest of the opening.

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