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This is the policy for userpages.

General notes

The Narutopedia has had a fair bit of issues with things not related to the wiki and users who don't actually help the wiki. For that reason among a few other things there is a policy on userpages. If a new userpage falls under one of these criteria it will likely be deleted.

  • Is only used to create a fan profile (is not related to the wiki in any way)
  • Does not relate the user as an editor to the wiki (Userpages are for editors to give information about themselves as editors on the wiki; ie: Past wiki editing experiences, what they do on the wiki, and preferred methods of contact), thus personal userpages are deleted
  • Belongs to a user that has never contributed to the wiki.
    • Simply commenting on talkpages is not considered contribution, unless you're seriously contributing to discussions on how to improve articles
    • This generally doesn't apply to simple, relevant userpages. Especially users simply sharing their userpage from Wikia central.
  • One liners which don't state anything helpful or just state the obvious (this includes under construction pages)
  • Is a blank page.

Generally, the idea is try to actually contribute to the wiki for a while first, then after a while just add something short to detail who you are as an editor. A fair number of our best editors don't even have userpages, most of the userpages created here just feature abuse.

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