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== Summary ==
[[User tech::Hashirama Senju; Manga]] [[User tech::Yamato; null]] [[User tech::Madara Uchiha; Manga]]
{{File Information
|Description = The [[Fanned Flame Great Fire]] technique
|Source = The [[Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3]] game
|Characters = Naruto, Lee
|Jutsu = Sharingan
|Portion = A single frameshot from the game.
|Purpose = For the illustration of the technique
|Resolution = Low
|Replaceability = Only by a similar snapshot with the same license status.
|Other = '''Naruto''' by [[Masashi Kishimoto]].
== Licensing ==
{{Fair use|game-screenshot}}

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Hashirama Senju (Manga) Yamato (null) Madara Uchiha (Manga)

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