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<div style="width:280px; padding-left:0.3em; padding-right:0.3em; border:1px red">
{{Sandbox}}<!-- DO NOT remove this -->
<div style="background-color:orange; text-align:center;">
{{User:UltimateSupreme/Sandbox|<Official Name>|eng=<English Translation>|latin=<Latin Translation>|fansub=<Fansubbed Translation>|viz=<Viz Media Translation>|engtv=<English TV Translation>|lit meaning=<Literal Meaning>|viz meaning=<Meaning by Viz Media>|engtv meaning=<Meaning by English TV>}}
'''Ask a question on''' '''[[w:c:naruto.answers|Naruto Answers]].'''
buttonlabel=Ask on Naruto Answers
default=What is
<br />
<div style="background-color:orange; color:Red; text-align:center;">
'''Recent questions'''
<div style="font-size:90%;">

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