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Keep in mind that these policies are ultimately guidelines. If it's found that a policy restricts something that the reason the policy was created didn't intend to restrict, then the policy should be changed.

This is the policy for blocks.

  • Users should not be blocked simply for making bad edits.
    • Blocks should only be dealt with if the user persists in re-doing the edit or the same kind of edit and doesn't respond properly to messages on their talkpage about those bad edits.
  • A user is only considered making "repeat edits" if their contributions page shows a fair gap in time between edits, or someone has sent a message to their talkpage about it and they continue those edits after they have obviously had enough time to be notified by the usermessage box and read the message.
  • Obvious vandals shouldn't be blocked simply for making one bad edit/set of edits. Blocks on vandals are completely pointless if they aren't actually coming back to do more vandalism. Blocks on one-time vandal ip's only harm other valid editors who may be using the same computer.
  • Temp blocks do make good warnings if a user has not responded to any warnings on their talkpage, especially if the user is currently making those edits when you make the temp block.
    • Make note that block reasons show up whenever that blocked user goes to the edit page. So the block reason is a good place to put a message that is also to them as it will be in their face, rather than on their talkpage which while does notify them, is easier to passively ignore)
  • Users who do not act civil towards other editors and ignore warnings to remain civil may be blocked.
  • With valid reason infinite blocks on user accounts is ok.
  • Anon users (ip's) should only be blocked a maximum of only 6 months, no longer, as it harms other people on a local network.
  • The ability to edit ones own talkpage and send e-mails should not be revoked unless the user has actually abused that privilege or is a persistent vandal or troll who is highly likely to abuse that privilege and has no reason to be allowed to send any more messages.
  • If a user makes a large batch of bad uploads a temp block can be used to force them to read over the image policy, and a permanent block may be followed up with if they continue to make more bad edits after it expires.
  • IP ranges should only rarely be blocked for a long time as it is very easy for it to block large number of good intentioned users. The only ranges that should be blocked for longer periods of time are proxy ranges.

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