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The popularity of Naruto has resulted in references being made to it in other series.

Adventure Time

In The Chamber of Frozen Blades of Adventure Time, Jake and Fin use hand signs to create ninja techniques such as one which resembles the function of the Shadow Clone Technique.


Naruto volume 43 appears on the cover of Bakuman volume 2, tucked under Shūjin's arm.

Ben 10

Children shown on a Ben 10 Christmas-themed episode greatly resemble the Konohamaru Army Corps.

One Piece

To celebrate the finale of Naruto, the cover art of One Piece's chapter 766 references Naruto, and in the week's author comments section, Oda thanked Kishimoto for being his friend and rival.

The Simpsons

In "Treehouse of Horror XXV" of The Simpsons, different alternate reality versions of the Simpsons appear. In one of these versions, the Simpson family are each dressed up as a different manga and anime character; Bart dresses up as Naruto.

Steven Universe

In Chille Tid of Steven Universe, the shape that Lapis' water-wings take after they move over her torso, and the way that she appears to sink into the ground in Malachite's Realm, resembles the way Zetsu travels underground.

Assassination Classroom

As Korosensei preps Terasaka for the mid-term, he wears a Konoha forehead protector to symbolize that he is "weak in multiple subjects", similar to how Naruto was in the Academy. He once again wears the same forehead protector to prep Terasaka for the end-of-term finals. In the anime, he uses Naruto's catchphrase "dattebayo"

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