Naruto Shippūden the Movie Booklet
Naruto Shippūden Movie Poster
Book Data
Pages 25
Release Date
Japanese July 3, 2009
English November 10, 2009

This booklet came with Naruto Shippūden the Movie.


The booklet is filled with pictures and quotes from the movie along with previews. It introduces info on Yomi and his four subordinates. It also includes voice actor interviews with many of the characters from the movie along with short bios of the voice actors themselves. It includes a survey with the movie creators. It has many other interviews, for example: Masashi Kishimoto gave his thoughts about the movie as well as the creators. At the end, it gives a list of all the credits and a copy of the English version of the Lie-Lie-Lie song from the movie. Finally, it gives info about the disc like the parts of the movie and the movie formats.