Sunny Side Battle!

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Sunny Side Battle!

Sunny Side Battle!

(サニー・サイド・バトル!!!, Sanī Saido Batoru!!!)

Release Date
Japanese September 11, 2014
English September 16, 2014
None in this OVA
None in this OVA
None in this OVA

Sunny Side Battle! is an OVA that was released with Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.


Itachi Uchiha heads downstairs into the kitchen of his house and proceeds to put on an apron. He then grabs some eggs from the fridge and other needed things, and proceeds to cook them on the stove. He continues cooking eggs and keeps messing them up every time even when using his shinobi skills to try and make it easier. Later, his brother comes downstairs from a nap and Itachi asks him if he wants any eggs. Sasuke proceeds to grab one of the many ruined eggs and Itachi yells at him telling him not to eat those ones and that he will make a new one. He goes to grab another egg from the egg carton to find that he has used them all. Therefore, he goes outside and chases a chicken and squeezes an egg out of it while Sasuke watches. Itachi comes back inside and cooks the egg properly. In the end, it was revealed that Sasuke was dreaming. After Naruto Uzumaki wakes him up, they run off together.

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