Naruto Shinden: Family Day
Naruto Shinden
(ナルト新伝 親子の日, Naruto Shinden: Oyako no Hi)
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Pages 256
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Japanese May 2, 2018 ISBN (978-4-08-703447-9) Icon - Search
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Naruto Shinden: Family Day (ナルト新伝 親子の日, Naruto Shinden: Oyako no Hi, Literally meaning: Naruto New Story: Parent and Child Day) is an original story written by Mirei Miyamoto and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It is the second instalment of thе Naruto Shinden series.[1]



Naruto, the Hokage, declares a "Parent and Child Day" in Konoha.

Chapter 1

Father and daughter, dashing through Konoha (父と娘、 木ノ葉を駆ける, Chichitoko, Konoha o tsuki kakeru)

Naruto spends the day with his daughter, Himawari.

Chapter 2

Father and daughter, the forms of happiness (父と娘、 幸せのカタチ, Chichitoko, shiawase no katachi)

Hinata and Hanabi visit their father, Hiashi.

Chapter 3

Father and daughter, dining table for one (父と娘、 ひとりの食卓, Chichitoko, hitori no shokutaku)

Chōji spends the day with his daughter, Chōchō.

Chapter 4

Father and daughter, cold flames and boiling fire (父と娘、 冷め潦た炎と潦る火, Chichitoko, same niwatazumita honō to niwatazumiru hi)

Sasuke, caught off guard by the holiday, spends time with his daughter, Sarada.


Because of the success of Parent and Child Day, Naruto is asked to proclaim other holidays: "Husband and Wife Day", "Alone Day", "Grandparent and Grandchild Day", "Older and Younger Sister Day", "Dog Day". Since all of these promote spending time together, Naruto happily complies.


At the end of each of the four main chapters is a brief interlude featuring Shino Aburame:

Interlude 1 — Lunch! (ごはん!, Gohan!)

Shino explores the village, enjoying the festival-like atmosphere by sampling all the different foods for sale. Just because he's unmarried and has no children doesn't mean he can't take part in Parent and Child Day. After all, he has family that is constantly with him, that he's closer with than other people could possibly understand. The kikaichū inhabiting his body stir at the thought. Noticing this, Shino realizes what time it is: he prepares some food and tenderly feeds it to his stuffed Kurama toy. He originally bought it to better understand his Academy students' interests, but has since become attached to it, imagining that his stuffed Kurama is better than the actual Kurama. Meanwhile, the kikaichū become impatient for their own food and start consuming Shino's chakra, causing him to faint.

Interlude 2 — Gemaki! (ゲマキ!)

After the kikaichū have their fill, Shino resumes his stroll around Konoha. When he sees Hiashi Hyūga at a small candy shop, Shino is surprised, as members of the Hyūga clan are supposed to be too regal and upstanding to ever visit such a store in person. Shino realizes that he's never spoken to Hiashi, partly because of the strained relationship Hiashi once had with Hinata, but also because Shino has always had the uncomfortable suspicion that the Hyūga are better than his own Aburame clan. Shino introduces himself to Hiashi and asks what he's shopping for, to which Hiashi replies he's buying packs of Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls. Using his Byakugan, Hiashi inspects all of the store's packs and buys the ones with rare cards inside, to give to Boruto. Shino is disappointed by this.

Interlude 3 — Parent and child! (おやこ!, Oyako!)

Shino continues to buy food, eating a fair amount of it, but accumulating even more, which he'll take days to eat all of. He jokes to himself that he's turning into Chōji Akimichi when he suddenly spots Chōji across the street, slimmer than Shino has ever seen him before. Chōji is having dinner with Chōchō and Karui. Shino realizes that he's never spoken to Karui, because Chōji is an attentive parent and was always the one to attend school functions. He considers approaching her and asking about rumors that she once defeated Naruto, but decides against it when he notices how much fun Karui is having eating with her family. Now realizing the purpose of the holiday, Shino looks at his bags of food and ponders sharing them with his father.

Interlude 4 — Over-demanding parent? (モソペ?, Mosope?)

Shino prides himself on the sheer variety of people he talks to on an average day. There's of course his students, but adults, too: other teachers, his superiors, even parents. But when he runs into Sasuke on the street he struggles to find anything to say. Shino realizes, in fact, that he hasn't said anything to Sasuke since the Konoha Crush, and even then he only said a couple of words. Sasuke also struggles to say something and the two stand together avoiding eye contact. It finally occurs to them to talk about Sarada. Sasuke asks if, while Sarada was in Shino's class, she was involved with any "bad bugs", meaning negative influences. Shino misunderstands Sasuke's intention and takes the question literally. Shino tries to remain calm, but ultimately fails and shouts that there is nothing bad about bugs.


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