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|top={{Looking for|volume 46 of the [[Naruto Series]]|chapter 430 of the series|Naruto Returns!! (chapter)|Naruto Returns!!}}
|top={{Looking for|volume 46|chapter 430|Naruto Returns!!}}
|english=Naruto Returns!!
|english=Naruto Returns!!
|romaji=Naruto Kikan!!
|romaji=Naruto Kikan!!
|japanese release=May 1, 2009
|japanese release=May 1, 2009
|japanese isbn=978-4-08-874663-0
|japanese isbn=978-4-08-874663-0

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This is the article on volume 46. If you are looking for the article on chapter 430, head to Naruto Returns!!.
Naruto Returns!!
(ナルト帰還!!, Naruto Kikan!!)
Volume Info
Previous The Battlefield, Konoha!!
Volume 46 (Read Online)
Next The Seal Destroyed!!
Release Date
Japanese May 1, 2009 ISBN (978-4-08-874663-0) Icon - Search
English October 6, 2009 ISBN (978-1-4215-3304-9) Icon - Search
Kokage YanagikageSaisu KamanoTessen TogeitoMizunotoSakumo HatakeGiant RhinoMuta AburameGamadenGamatamaKō Hyūga
Double Human Bullet TankKatsuyu: Immense Network HealingChakra Transfer TechniqueLightning Release: Four Pillar BindEarth Release: Dropping LidWind Release: Wind Cutter TechniqueMind Body Transmission TechniquePaper CloneSage Art: Frog CallSage Art: Wind Release Dust Cloud
Shadow Clone Summoning Scroll

Naruto Returns!! (ナルト帰還!!, Naruto Kikan!!) is volume 46 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 423

"Deva Path's Abilities!!" (天道の能力!!, Tendō no Nōryoku!!)

Deva Path's Abilities!!

Chapter 424

"Decision!!" (決断!!, Ketsudan!!)


Chapter 425

"Kakashi Hatake " (はたけカカシ, Hatake Kakashi)

Kakashi Hatake (chapter)

Chapter 426

"Naruto and Konoha!!" (ナルトと木ノ葉!!, Naruto to Konoha!!)

Naruto and Konoha!!

Chapter 427

"Reunion" (再会, Saikai)


Chapter 428

"Discourse!!" (対談!!, Taidan!!)


Chapter 429

""Know Pain"" (「痛みを」, "Itami o")

"Know Pain"

Chapter 430

"Naruto Returns!!" (ナルト帰還!!, Naruto Kikan!!)

Naruto Returns!!

Chapter 431

"Naruto's Great Eruption!!" (ナルト大噴火!!, Naruto Daifunka!!)

Naruto's Great Eruption!!

Chapter 432

"The Rasenshuriken Once Again!!" (螺旋手裏剣再び!!, Rasenshuriken Futatabi!!)

The Rasenshuriken Once Again!!

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