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Naruto Kizuna: The Words That Bind

Kizuna Heaven

Kizuna Earth

(NARUTO-ナルト-名言集 絆-KIZUNA-, Naruto: Meigenshū Kizuna)
Book Data
Pages 208
Release Date
Japanese March 15, 2013 ISBN (978-4-08-720681-4) Icon - Search

Naruto Kizuna: The Words That Bind (NARUTO-ナルト-名言集 絆-KIZUNA-, Naruto: Meigenshū Kizuna) is a two volume reflection on the first 63 volumes of the manga, exploring its global success and impact. Key scenes are selected to illustrate character arcs and/or analyse broader topics of the series. An interview with Masashi Kishimoto is split across both volumes, and each volume concludes with critical readings of select subjects.

Heaven Scroll

  • Chapter 1 - Conviction
  • Chapter 2 - Encouragement
  • Chapter 3 - Dream
  • Chapter 4 - Shinobi
  • Chapter 5 - Pride

Earth Scroll

  • Chapter 6 - Will
  • Chapter 7 - Love
  • Chapter 8 - Darkness
  • Chapter 9 - Trust
  • Chapter 10 - Fighting Spirit

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