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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2

NarutoUltimateNinja2 boxart

(ナルト- ナルティメットヒーロー2, Naruto: Narutimetto Hīrō 2)

Video game info
Playable on PlayStation 2
Series Naruto: Ultimate Ninja
Release Date
Japanese September 30, 2004
English June 12, 2007

1000 Metre Punch16 Hit ComboAdamantine Prison WallAdamantine Technique: Cranium CrusherAmaterasuArhat FistBarrage of Gentle FistsBlack DreamBody Pathway DerangementCalamity FlameChakra Enhanced StrengthChakra ScalpelChaos Fan DanceChubby DiveClone Great ExplosionCold NeedlesDance of the SwordDead Demon Consuming SealDynamic MarkingExplosion: Ice Mountain DestructionFan Wind Roaring WallFang Beheading FangFangs of the Monkey KingFantasyFire Release: Fire Dragon Flame BulletFire Release: Flame BulletFire Release: Toad Oil Flame BulletFlowing BladeForbidden Technique: Gedō SealFront Lotus Guy VersionGedō Seal: ReleaseGeneric Sealing TechniqueGreat Dance SlashGreen ImpactHeavenly Foot of PainHeavenly Kick Wild DanceHeavenly Palm Wild DanceHog Release: TontonHuman Shadow Simulation TechniqueIce Prison TechniqueIce Release: Black Dragon BlizzardIce Release: One Horned White WhaleIce Release: Swallow Snow StormIce Release: Tearing Dragon Fierce TigerIce Release: Twin Dragon BlizzardIncursion of ClarityInfinite Wild DanceInsect Clone TechniqueInsect Pillar TechniqueKagura ShurikenLast Resort: Eight Gates Crumbling AttackLeaf BroadmindedLeaf Strong WhirlwindLightning Cutter Two Sequential CrashesManipulated Tools: Deadly Spheres StrikeManipulated Tools: One Thousand Blades AttackMind Body Disturbance TechniqueNeedle JizōNinja Art: Profusion of FlowersNinja Art: Shuriken Giant Body TechniqueNinja Art: Sickle Weasel Greatest Wind PowerOneself's RulePalm WaveParasitic Destruction Insects: Arrowhead SwarmParasitic Destruction Insects: WhirlPeerless Hurricane FormationPoison MistPrepared Needle ShotPuppet: DegenerationPuppet: Inexhaustible Explosive BladesPuppet: Revolving Blade Heavenly DrillPuppet: Spewing BulletRasenganRising SunRoaring Run: Great Strength Ice StrikeShuriken Shadow Clone TechniqueSlug Great DivisionSoft Neck ThrowSoft Physique ModificationSpider Sticking SpitSpiked Human Bullet TankSpirit FootStrength of a Hundred SealSummoning: Food Cart Destroyer TechniqueSummoning: Toad Mouth BindSuper Multi-Size TechniqueSuper PressureToad Oil BulletTongue Tooth Sticky AcidTransformation: Adamantine StaffTrue Sand Waterfall FuneralTsukuyomiUltimate Reverse LotusWater Release: Water Fang BulletWater Release: Water Shark BreakthroughWater Release: Water Shark Bullet TechniqueWind Demon Special Attack BulletWind Release: Great Breakthrough


Chakra ArmourChakra-Suppressing SealExplosive TagMakibishiPoisonRetractable Cable ArmShinobi Battle ArmourSnowboardWrist-Mounted Senbon Launcher

Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2, known in Japan as Naruto: Narutimate Hero 2 (NARUTO-ナルト- ナルティメットヒーロー2, Naruto: Narutimetto Hīrō 2), is the second instalment of the fighting game series Naruto: Ultimate Ninja released for the Playstation 2.


It features a similar gameplay experience to Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, featuring many of the same gameplay elements and geography. Some characters have been fused together, so the player must use a special jutsu to activate them, such as Sasuke with his Cursed Seal. The game also features an RPG-esque story mode, the first half from the series, the second being an added story arc that takes place between the Search for Tsunade Arc and the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. In this arc, Orochimaru has Kabuto use a technique called the Forbidden Technique: Gedō Seal to seal Kakashi's Sharingan. Orochimaru then starts his second invasion on Konoha and uses Summoning: Impure World Resurrection to bring back Zabuza, Haku, and the Third Hokage.

Playable Characters

Parenthesis indicate a character's Awakening Mode.

Support-Only Characters


  • Should one begin a new game using a memory card that has a Naruto: Ultimate Ninja save file, the player will receive 340 Ninja Info Cards and 50,000 ryō as bonus.
  • Naruto encounters the inner version of himself in the game. Similar to Dark Naruto, shown nearly 8 years later in the series.

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