Naruto: Konoha Senki

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Naruto: Konoha Senki
Naruto K S
Naruto: Tree Leaf Military History (ナルト- 木ノ葉戦記, Naruto: Konoha Senki)
Video game info
Playable on Game Boy Advance
Release Date
Japanese September 12, 2003
None in this Game
None in this Game

Naruto: Konoha Senki (ナルト- 木の葉戦記, Literally meaning: Naruto: Tree Leaf Military History) is a Japanese-only strategy game for the Game Boy Advance.


The game covers the first 70 episodes of Naruto, primarily the Land of Waves Arc and Chūnin Exam Arc. During the game's first play-through, you are restricted to using Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke and occasionally Kakashi. After the game is completed, you can then unlock many other characters (including villains) by first beating them in a side-story mission.

Characters also have a wide range of techniques available. Due to the tactical nature of the game, certain moves are favoured, such as ones which hit multiple characters or ones that have extra effects. One example is Shikamaru's Shadow Imitation Technique which restricts the characters movements, or Ino's Mind Body Switch Technique which allows the victim to be controlled to attack their own team-mates briefly.

Players can equip items to characters such as chakra pills, healing items and ranged weapons such as kunai and shuriken. Characters can create clones which can be used as decoys and some characters can create full-bodied clones which can be used in combination attacks and to perform offensive techniques. Characters can also use the transformation techniques to take on the appearance of another character, to trick the opponent.

This game includes many of the main cast along with a special appearance by Masashi Kishimoto as a hidden character. This is also the only game that has the members of Team Dosu as fully playable characters.

Playable Characters

Facts about "Naruto: Konoha Senki"RDF feed
English nameNaruto: Tree Leaf Military History +
Game systemGame Boy Advance +
Japanese release12 September 2003 +
Kanji nameナルト- 木ノ葉戦記 +
NameNaruto: Konoha Senki +
NamesNaruto: Tree Leaf Military History +, ナルト- 木ノ葉戦記 + and Naruto: Konoha Senki +
PictureNaruto K S +
PlayableNaruto Uzumaki +, Sasuke Uchiha +, Sakura Haruno +, Shikamaru Nara +, Chōji Akimichi +, Ino Yamanaka +, Kiba Inuzuka +, Shino Aburame +, Hinata Hyūga +, Rock Lee +, Neji Hyūga +, Gaara +, Kankurō +, Temari +, Kakashi Hatake +, Might Guy +, Orochimaru +, Zabuza Momochi +, Haku +, Dosu Kinuta +, Zaku Abumi + and Kin Tsuchi +
Romaji nameNaruto: Konoha Senki +

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