edit"Naruto's School of Revenge"
Naruto's School of Revenge
(ナルト、仇討ち指南塾, Naruto, Adauchi Shinanjuku)
Episode data
Previous "Inari's Courage Put to the Test"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #181 (Watch Online)
Next "Gaara's Bond"
Arc Past Arc: The Locus of Konoha
Manga Naruto Chapter #451
Japanese October 14, 2010
English April 13, 2013
"Naruto's School of Revenge" (ナルト、仇討ち指南塾, Naruto, Adauchi Shinanjuku) is episode 181 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Tazuna begins to compliment Naruto for his actions and praising him as a hero, causing Sakura to recall back when Naruto was just an annoying child whose antics were troublesome, albeit fun.

Team 7 had been tasked with taking care of Condor, an ostrich. Sasuke had been displeased with the mission, claiming that had already done similar missions before, taking care of a cat and a dog. As they made their way towards a village, they noticed a vendetta occurring in the middle of the street between Tsukado and Katazu. Tsukada had been unable to kill Katazu, and thus Naruto had decided to coach him.

When a gang leader named Kanabun had reorchestrated the fight, Naruto had realised that Katazu was not fighting back. Naruto proceeded to stop the fight, and the truth had come to light. Tsukado was commissioned by his family to kill Katazu as revenge for killing a distant relative of his; however, Katazu revealed that the struggle was between the relative and his twin brother and that the relative's death had been an accident. Because his brother had a wife and newborn child, he had decided to impersonate his brother and be killed on his behalf. The two agreed to stop their fighting, while Team 7 helped them defeated the incensed Kanabun and his gang.

On the way back to Konoha, Naruto remarked that revenge and vendettas were pointless, only to be shot down by Sasuke, who claimed that Naruto would never truly understand how important a vendetta could be. Having finished his reverie, the four are approached by Kakashi, who thanks Tazuna and Inari for coming to help. Tazuna asks about Sasuke's whereabouts, prompting Sakura to become sad while Kakashi flusters for an answer. Naruto decides to cover the two by claiming that he and Sasuke had a fight and that Sasuke left the village as a result, although he promises to retrieve Sasuke soon so that he may reunite with Tazuna and Inari; Sakura mentally thanks Naruto for dealing with the topic while Tazuna muses whether the three were stuck in a love triangle.

As the two carpenters walk away, Naruto tells Sakura and Kakashi that during his fight with Sasuke, Sasuke had told him that he would never understand the pain he was going through. Remembering that Pain had said the same thing, Naruto tells the two that he now truly understands what Sasuke was feeling that day, having felt the same feelings of revenge when Jiraiya was killed; he adds that someday, he would fight Sasuke again and bring him back home so that Team 7 could be together again.