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[[Clan::Nara| ]]
[[Clan::Nara| ]]
[[es:Enciclopedia Médica del Clan Nara]]

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Nara Clan Medical Encyclopaedia
Nara Clan Medical Encyclopaedia
Manga Volume #26, Chapter #235
Anime Naruto Episode #135
Appears in Anime, Manga

This is a huge medical encyclopaedia kept by the Nara clan. On the front, the book has the kanji for "deer" (鹿, shika) on one side, and what resembles the clan's symbol on the other. The members of this clan are apparently skilled in the field of medicine and as such have created and maintained an encyclopaedia of sorts with medical herbs, preparations and the effects of such items as the closely affiliated, Akimichi clan's Three Coloured Pills. This book was instrumental in saving Chōji Akimichi's life after he ingested the last of the pills during his battle with Jirōbō.

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