Nanakusa Island.

The Nanakusa Island (七草島, Nanakusa-jima, Literally meaning: Seven Herbs Island) is an island located somewhere east of the Land of Fire and south of the Land of Lightning. It is known for the large variety and abundant reserves of herbs and other ingredients used in Military Rations Pill's and various medicines. According to Tsunade, as an uninhabited island, it is considered a neutral territory.

Locations and Items

Several smaller locations such as caves and a variety of herbs can be found on this island, these include:

  • The Energy Carrot (活力人参, Katsuryoku Ninjin) is a medicinal herb that is used for making food pills. They usually grow in nice, orderly manner.
  • The Hell Valley (地獄谷, Jigokudani) is located on this island. The mud that gushes out underground here is an Elixir Mud (万能泥, Bannō Doro, Literally meaning: Almighty Mud) that can be used to heal bruises, cuts, and sprains. Gas is released from underground that can toxic be if exposed to it for a long period of time. A large lizard also inhabits this valley.
  • The Mandra Grass (マンドラ草, Mandorasō) (it is probably based on the mandrake or mandragora (マンドラゴラ, mandoragora)).
  • The Crimson Newt (紅イモリ, Beniimori).
  • The Giant Mato (大マト, Daimato).
  • A paralysing herb was wrapped around a bridge on the island, it causes the body of anyone who touches it to shut down. The person later experiences symptoms similar to the chills.