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ナナフシ Nanafushi
Anime Naruto Episode #193
Appears in Anime
Voice Actors
Gender Gender Male Male

Nanafushi (ナナフシ, Nanafushi) is a ninja from the Land of Valleys.


Nanafushi is very overconfident in his abilities. He was also somewhat afraid of being found out by Konoha.


Nanafushi has a short crop of spiky brown hair and black eyes with agree-colour underneath them along with a rather pointy chin. He wears a red thin headband around his head.


Not much is known of his abilities besides the fact that he is able to use the Transformation Technique like many other shinobi. He was also able to infiltrate Konoha without being detected which takes much skill.

Part I

Viva Dojo Challenge! Youth is All About Passion!

He was set to steal Konoha's secrets. He used the Transformation Technique to disguise himself as Might Guy. As he entered the village, Naruto thought he was the real Might Guy and took him to Rock Lee's dōjō. After a few fights he received, the real Might Guy returned and fought Nanafushi, who concealed himself as Rock Lee by using the Transformation Technique again. After they carried him to Tsunade's office, she gave them the mission to find Nanafushi, which caused some confusion since they already had him.


  • "Nanafushi" (ナナフシ) means "stick insect".

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