Nagato and Yahiko's Shrine

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Ame Memorial

The final resting place of Nagato and Yahiko.

Within Amegakure is a shrine that serves as the final resting place of Nagato and Yahiko. It was created by Konan after she brought their bodies back from Konohagakure.[1]

It consists of a large square display filled with paper flowers upon which the bodies rest. On the wall behind the bodies there is a mural of angels and a pair of large pillars stand in front of the shrine with a paper flower bouquets on each of them. There is also a circular ripple like pattern on the floor that resembles the Rinnegan between these two pillars.

When Konan exhausted herself during her fight with Tobi the paper flowers began falling apart. After Tobi found the place he proceeded to absorb Nagato's rinnegan.


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