Mount Katsuragi

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Mount Katsuragi

Mount Katsuragi.

Mount Katsuragi (葛城山, Katsuragizan) is a mountain which holds the Tsuchigumo clan's kinjutsu. Hotaru and Tonbei live on this mountain. To prevent any intruders from obtaining the kinjutsu, the mountain is surrounded by seemingly unbreakable barrier and protected by a large amount of traps. The Magaki Group managed to break the barrier from the inside and evade all the traps successfully.


Mount Katsuragi became the home of the loyalists to En no Gyōja after he and the elders of the clan split over the fate of the Tsuchigumo clan's kinjutsu. The majority of the clan remained in the village with the elders, while the few loyalists left for Mount Katsuragi, where their numbers dwindled down over the years to Hotaru and Tonbee.

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