Moulding Mushroom
  • Before its pollen is spread.
  • After its pollen is spread.
Kanji 黴びる茸
Rōmaji Kabirudake
Literal English Moulding Mushroom
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #229
Appears in Anime

The Moulding Mushroom is a type of mushroom that quickly spreads on a ship's rations during the night. The Sea Route of Silence Gang used the mushrooms to infect the Konoha ship sailing toward the Land of Lightning.

At first, it looks like an edible ordinary mushroom, but after a night of spreading spores, new mushrooms grow in different colours. After eating a mushroom, a person will develop a purple face and will be covered in mushrooms. Some of the mushrooms devour chakra, like in Yamato's case. When people eat them, they become unaware of their own actions, like in the cases of Naruto and Guy. After the mushrooms' effect disappears by getting out from the Sea Route of Silence, those who have eaten the mushrooms will forget what had happened.